Reputation Management – how reputation management can affect your business

What is Reputation Management and Who Needs it?


The internet has changed the way businesses market their products and services. With so many forums and platforms that your business can be advertised on or given feedback on, it’s hard for managers to see and balance the feedback on business or products. This is where Reputation Management (RM) comes in to play for businesses.


Reputation Management is monitoring the presence, online or otherwise of a brand, service, product or person. Though RM is not only limited to businesses online, most businesses are online in some form and so RM is useful to every business, product and service. A company needs to ensure that they have monitoring systems in place to catch and evaluate any negative responses or feedback concerning their business. Once you see feedback about your company, your Reputation Manager should then act based on their feedback and comments online.


Reputation Management basically comes down to the perfect ratio of marketing and customer service. Scouting search results for comments or feedback on your product allows you to find damaging comments and immediately rectify the situation. Actually, having a legitimate customer complaint can enhance your online reputation to other customers when handled properly.


If someone complains about the shipping from your warehouse or an experience in store, replying to them in a personal, caring matter and giving them a discount on their next purchase for the inconvenience can be all that is needed to make your company stand out. To other customers that come across this communication, it will present your company in a very flattering light as caring about their customers and their complaints. In Reputation Management, there are three levels of management: building, maintaining and recovering.


Building is the stage of building your reputation, online or otherwise, when launching a new business and trying to establish a reputation. Maintaining your reputation is what needs to be done once you have customers, and your presence is known to the public. This is crucial as your reputation has just been established, and this is where your reputation can really grow and gain momentum. Recovering your reputation is what needs to be done when there is damaging information or feedback


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