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What is the definition of article marketing?

Article marketing is kind of advertising where business organizations write very short articles about their company, themselves or their area of expertise as a strategy of marketing. There are two types of article marketing, that is traditional article and internet article marketing. Due to the current development in technology, the traditional article marketing is rare compared to internet article marketing.

Why do you need article marketing in your business?

It provides valuable information about ones products or services. Through the publications, you can ask questions regarding the products or services of the given company.

Secondly, it builds credibility when sharing the information with different people. The more information you share the more credible is your company to the clients.

Thirdly, article writing increases brand awareness among your clients. This enables your clients to distinguish your product from those of your competitor. This also increases the company exposure among the clients thus gaining the public reputation as well as customer’s loyalty. The fifth reason is that it increases traffic to company’s website. Clients will always visit your website to know more about the company.

It also promotes both your services and products among your clients. Article marketing also increases SEO with additional links that ultimately helps you in website ranking. This is also an easy way to earn new clients after them reading your article.

The next reason for using article marketing is that it is much cheaper compared to other forms of marketing thus forming an equal platform for competition for both small and big companies. Finally, it is free since 99% of all directories. This will increase your revenue in the long run as well as business growth.

Article marketing has proved to be a win-win opportunity. It enables you to win by enhancing your exposure with a marketing tool that is free as well as to your customers.

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