Google Plus: How to increase your traffic by listing your business on Google Plus

Increase Your Traffic with the Power of Business Listings on Google Plus

If you are looking for more exposure for your company, then you need to look into business listings on Google Plus. Having your business listed on Google Plus gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. With Google being in control of their search results, it only stands to reason that Google will favor businesses who utilize their services. Google is more likely to look favorably upon your business if you have your business listed on Google Plus.

Even without the advantage of gaining Google’s favor, Google Plus offers you many options to brand your business and connect with your customers. Google Plus allows you to customize your business listing in various ways. Adding a profile photo of your company logo is the first step in branding your business listings on Google Plus. You will also want to change the cover photo to another image that reflects your business. This could be a photo of your business location, the product or service you offer your customers, or a customized image you have created just for your Google listing.

Your business listing on Google Plus allows you to add numerous photos and videos to help brand your company. Using photos and videos to your advantage will also allow your customers to see what you have to offer them and how your business is unique compared to others in your industry.

You will also want to diligent in filling out your profile completely. Being sure to fill out all your information allows Google to better determine what your business is all about, where it is located, and how best to list you in the search results.

Google Plus recently added an option to create communities. Creating a community for people to gather and discuss the services and products that your company offers can have a huge benefit for your business. Having your own community will allow you to be seen as the top authority in your industry within your local community. Utilizing the community feature of Google Plus can realize great rewards in the long run.

Similar to Facebook, Google Plus allows you to post updates on your business listing page to connect with your customers. Offering valuable information on a consistent basis will keep your customers engaged, returning, and sharing your Google Plus page with other users.

As you can see, business listings on Google Plus has many features you will want to take advantage of. The key is to get started as soon as possible, fill out your information completely, and keep your customers engaged by offering valuable information on a consistent basis.

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